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Slidecast 5: The Downfall of Enniskillen Solicitor John Macniffe, 1876-88

A slidecast about John Charles Macniffe, solicitor, husband of Oliver St. John Gogarty’s aunt Julia, whose tribulations kept newspapers selling steadily during the period 1886-88. How could all this have happened to one Fermanagh solicitor in his 30s? What had his life been like previously, and what happened to him after?

Index for quick listens to the various bits of Mr Macniffe’s story:

  1. 1877-1880 Marriage and children (00.30-3.52)
  2. 1877-1885
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Slidecast 4: The Irish Bar in 1921 (part 1)

Come back with me this weekend to the Four Courts of early 1921 to witness the operation of the Restoration of Order in Ireland (Act) 1920, the implementation of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919 and the threatened division of the Irish Bar proposed by the Government of Ireland Act 1920.

Stories covered in this video include the mysterious shooting of eminent Dublin KC William McGrath almost exactly six months after embarrassing the military at an inquest.

100 yrs after his death, is read more

Slidecast 3: 145-151 Church Street, 1830-1930

145-151 Church Street, Dublin, has been a Law Library building for over two decades. But what about its earlier history? Have a listen to find out!