Category: Dublin Divorces

Did you know that divorce proceedings were a great source of entertainment to the general public before the introduction of the in camera rule? And that some of the most notorious even took place in Dublin? This series explores 19th and early 20th century Dublin divorces.

The Scandalous Divorce of Gogarty’s Aunt, 1888

From the Irish Times, 11 February 1888 and 14 February 1888:

“MCNIFFE V MCNIFFE (Probate and Matrimonial Court, Warren J)

The parties were married in 1877, in Dublin, and after their marriage they went to live at Enniskillen, where the respondent practised as a solicitor. For some years they lived happily, but in February 1886, the respondent went to Dublin with a governess in his employ… it was understood they would come home that night, but they did not come back that night… read more

Mr Bushe Elopes, 1885

From the Weekly Freeman, 5 June 1886:


Mr. Gerald Brooke applied to have his marriage annulled in consequence of [his wife’s] infidelity with Mr. Seymour Bushe, barrister, Dublin… on Friday, 3rd October 1885, unfortunate unpleasantness arose about a comparatively insignificant tiff about a pet dog—at which the lady announced her intention of going to the house of Mr. Brooke’s mother… Mr. Brooke endeavoured [to] prevent her, but persuasion read more