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Barrister’s Son Returns from the Dead, 1896

From the Cork Constitution, 5 March 1896:


To-day the Master of the Rolls had before him a case which brought to light a modern Enoch Arden. In 1866 William Henry Boyle, son of a well-known barrister, emigrated to America, leaving his young wife at home. Fortune did not smile on him, and he did not send for his wife. He ceased to write, and for many years his family had heard nothing of him, and at length assumed that he was dead. In this belief his wife married again, read more

The Man of Many Wives, 1884-1895

From the Illustrated London News, 14 June 1884:

“At the Dublin Commission Court, before Mr Justice Lawson, on Saturday, Brian Denis Molloy, son of a magistrate for the County of Mayo, and who, on the death of his father, will become entitled to £1000 per annum, was indicted for bigamy.  The prisoner has married five times, the last person with whom he went through the ceremony being his own first cousin, a lady of about forty, Miss Robertina Greene, who has an income in her read more

The Man Who Married His Mother-in-Law, 1904

From the Belfast Weekly News, 12 May 1904:

“The trial of James Thompson for having married his mother-in-law took place on 10th inst, in the Recorder’s Court, Dublin.  Mr Bushe KC, who prosecuted, stated the case for the Crown.  He said in 1896 the prisoner on 2nd June married a girl of the name of Tully.  She died in 1899, and he was once more free to marry.  But, of course, his wife being dead, he was not at liberty, under the law, to marry certain read more

Something Wicker This Way Comes: Laughter in Court at Child Noise Nuisance Case, 1853

From the Evening Freeman, 18 April 1853:


Mangan v Tuthill

This was an appeal from a decree of St Sepulchre’s Court for £9.

Counsel for Mr Tuthill stated that his client lived in No 6 Rathmines Road, and the appellant in No 5; that his client had been greatly annoyed for several months by the appellant’s children, who were in the habit of rolling cars through the empty rooms of their house, which caused such a dreadful noise that his client would read more