Wife Sued for Libel by Estranged Husband After Circulating Hand-Bills Seeking Name of her Predecessor, 1862

Briefless Junior Secures Success by Standing in for Senior Detained on Field of Honour, 1815

Witchcraft in Waterford, 1886

The Great Dublin Lodging House Theft, 1847

From the Four Courts to Buenos Aires, 1790-1830

Eight Days in a Lifeboat for Author of Indispensable Irish Criminal Law Text Torpedoed off Africa, 1941

Kidnapped Fermoy Solicitor Negotiates his own Ransom, Subsequently Sues for its Recovery, 1922-26

The Judge’s Son Who Shelled the Four Courts, 1922

A Wizard in Court, 1856-1870

Revolving Doors Require No Hands, 1954

The Time They Tried to Move the Four Courts to London, 1850

Note of Thanks Left Behind as Sweet-Toothed Rebels Vacate Requisitioned Solicitor’s Office, 1916

Portico Problems, 1786-1925

Sandymount Lady Sues English Lieutenant for Breach of Promise, 1920

A Robbery at the White Cross Inn, 1814

The Barrister Who Fell in Love With his Witness, 1908-1915

Snowballing in Peace and War, 1867-1945

Howth Tea-Smuggler Escapes as Revenue Routed by Pill Lane ‘Mob,’ 1764

Woman-on-Woman* Fight Behind the Four Courts Reduces Combatants’ Clothes to Ribbons, 1879

Hats On, Hats Off: Non-Horsehair Headgear in Court, 1785-1971

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