To Fake a Death, 1861

The Bells of St Bartholomew’s and Serjeant William Bennett Campion, 1882-1907

Discoveries at the Four Courts Bookstalls, 1796-1886

The Barrister and the ‘Charley,’ c.1780

A Objectionable Dress, 1909

The Tall Hat as Mandatory Off-Duty Legal Wear, 1800-1934

There and Gone: Pill Lane, The Vanished Street Behind the Four Courts (Part 1)

A Curious Career, 1901

A Poet and Inventor’s Last Will, 1906

Attorney’s Apprentice Eschews Physical Combat in favour of Private Prosecution, 1821

The Lion, the Unicorn, the Harp and the Little Knobule, 1931-2023

The Tragic Tale of Charlotte Lodge

The Story of Mary Ha’penny

Two Tragic Barrister Trip and Falls at Wilton Place, 1882-1911

An Order of Habeas Corpus

A Bull Lane Girl’s Day Out, 1876

The ‘Hard-Swearers’ of Henrietta Street, 1844 

The Dangers of Wedding an Improvident Bride, 1832-1849

Gurgles from the Grave as Judicial Rivalry Continues into the Afterlife, 1882-1979

The Arran Quay Ghost, 1837

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