Slidecast 5: The Downfall of Enniskillen Solicitor John Macniffe, 1876-88

A slidecast about John Charles Macniffe, solicitor, husband of Oliver St. John Gogarty’s aunt Julia, whose tribulations kept newspapers selling steadily during the period 1886-88. How could all this have happened to one Fermanagh solicitor in his 30s? What had his life been like previously, and what happened to him after?

Index for quick listens to the various bits of Mr Macniffe’s story:

  1. 1877-1880 Marriage and children (00.30-3.52)
  2. 1877-1885 Practice in Enniskillen (3.52-9.42)
  3. March 1885- April 1886 Illness and marital breakdown (9.43-12.08)
  4. August-December 1886 A bounced cheque, prosecution, attempted suicide and acquittal by reason of insanity (12.09-15.26)
  5. 1887 Release from lunatic asylum, a new practice in Athy, slander proceedings against the Gogartys and others and a conviction for travelling first-class on a third-class ticket (15.27-21.31)
  6. What had the Gogartys said? (21.32-26.09)
  7. 1888 The divorce trial and alleged adultery with governess in Feb/March 1886 (26.10-35.54)
  8. 1888. Struck off the Roll of Solicitors (35.55-40.32)
  9. 1889-1920 After (40.33-46.25)
  10. Young Oliver and ‘Ulysses’ (46.26-46.08)

Also available to watch on YouTube.

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